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    Do you keep OTTO open as well as Panda and HitForker? How do you accept the hits? I have read and watched the video many times, just need clarification, please.

    I think a lot of people run Otto as well as PC and a scraper like Hit Forker. Make sure you use this calculator to set all your search speeds to keep your PREs down.


      I just got the video about OTTO lite which was very good. I have a couple of questions though. I run OTTO lite, and MTS Hit Finder, Hit Catcher and Panda Crazy, although I don't use Panda Crazy to search for hits generally, only to watch the queue in case I need to easily return something. I only let Hit Finder and OTTO lite run pretty much all the time. Sometimes in Hit Finder, I find a survey that OTTO didn't find. Then I Once it and it goes into Hit catcher and I let it run. Now even when OTTO is running, I don't see any PRE's showing up in Hit Catcher. If I start searching in Panda Crazy, then I see the PRE's come up in Hit Catcher like crazy. So I will shut down all searches in HIT catcher before running a search in Panda Crazy. I am running OTTO at .9. I saw on the PRE page four things. OTTO search rate, which I got at .9, Panda Crazy search rate, which I put as 0 because i don't run it with anything else and two others, which I am not sure what they mean. These are the scraper hit rate and the additional app rate. For Hit Catcher I have set the speed at .997. My question is should I put this value in either of these two fields?


      • CrazyCatLady
        CrazyCatLady commented
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        Let's see if I can break down your question here

        1) it looks like you're running Hit catcher and Otto at the same time, .9 and .997. You're running both too fast: they should be 1.6 and 1.6 to achieve .8 per @Fisherman

        2) I'm not sure if you saw what Fisherman posted today in the Daily Hit Thread about how PREs are *just one* of the issues with running things too fast. If you are not catching things, it may be that you're still running things too fast even though you never see a PRE.

        3) For your situation, I would use the calculator on the RIGHT side of the page since you're only running two scripts at a time.

        If it helps, here's my situation: I run Overwatch at 6 seconds, and Otto at 1. Effective page request rate is 0.857. Today I did $25 in hits Otto caught for me, all above $3 (I set it high because I have a p/t day job).

        It might seem counterintuitive, but try slowing down your rates so that you get .8 overall and you might find you actually catch more.