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    What is a script?

    Hi, newbie here. Apologies in advance for not understanding.

    I downloaded a bunch of the programs and add-ons that were suggested and now when I go into Amazon Mechanical Turk, there are now new little colored icons on the listings that have all kinds of information that scare me out of taking the hit. I hover over one of the icons that says I need to get my API #. I typed into Google what's my API#? I went and found it, copied it and the place I copied it from said to download it into the script I'm using. I don't know what a script is. LOL! I can hear the collective groan from all who read this.

    BCraigWrites No apologies needed. The API comes from Turkerview. Go to Turkerview.com, log in, click on your username in the top right corner and that list should have API as an option. From there you can copy your API and paste it into the box on the mturk page.
    If you're needing to know which script it goes to or which one to download, it's TurkerviewJS in TamperMonkey.

    Does that help? Please feel free to ask again if I didn't answer your question!


      Hello, I'm kind of new what is the best script I can use to catch hits. I'm tired of being in a huge batch maybe get 30 hits out of 700 than the 700 hits is gone in like 5 minutes what is going on here where these hit our getting taken soon as you blink someone please help me understand this thank you


      • smartin
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        shevy6228 What happens on batches that are easy and pay well with many people having access to them they will disappear quickly. I've seen batches of 1500+ disappear in a matter of seconds and be lucky to catch 2 or 3.
        Whenever there is a batch posting I'll shut off all my jobs on PC and run that one batch on ham to catch the most that I can. You just have to utilize the tools you have available to you to make the best out of it.

      Thank you, yeah I just notice the impossible, okay we run our scripts but then there are people running something that's out are reach beyond a script lol like maybe some kind of techie software that only a computer programmer would know how to run and its program whatever it is snatching batches in seconds then there getting saved to another computer so the bot can do the work it sounds crazy but that is what's happening damn techs coders hackers network engineer anybody that got skill in these fields could create a software to do what I'm describing
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      • CrazyCatLady
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        I mean sure, that might be possible. But at that point you would be flirting with a TOS violation and potentially lose your account. I strongly recommend adjusting your expectations and how you work in order to find the best case scenario that works for you.

      • ZeldaFoot
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        But you have to remember that the surge in bots completing HITs is the reason workers have to jump through so many ACs now. And I'm pretty sure a lot of requesters are not factoring the ACs into the time it takes to complete the actual survey. So in a sense, bots have cost us a lot of money by not only taking work from us, but forcing us to spend more time per HIT to prove we aren't a bot and not getting paid for that time.

        And as CrazyCatLady said, it's a TOS violation to use anything other than HUMAN intelligence to answer questions within a HIT. Anyone doing this will lose their MTurk account, and possibly their Amazon account as well. It's just not worth the risk.