Which viewer is preferred...MTS or ____



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    Which viewer is preferred...MTS or ____

    So ever since I started working on Mturk I have been using the MTS finder to collect my HITS. Basically I sign into Mturk, open up the MTS finder and catcher, then start OTTO. While I wait for OTTO to snag something I then clean up a bit on what I refer to as the trash hits. I probably shouldn't call them that, I just personally refer to them as this, kind of like like cleaning up the garbage, I block certain HITS I know I won't do or I snag the small 1-5 minute studies that are lower paying (everything eventually adds up to a dollar... within reason, basically filler work while waiting for OTTO to catch), maybe participate in batches if I am ever so lucky to be on when they show up).

    More to the point though, I am curious as to what other people use instead of MTS Finder to see the list of available HITS. I have heard about HIT forker but have never tried it.

    My question is what do you use and do you see ny inherent benefits from one to the other or would you say it is really a matter of preference?

    I peruse the MTurk sub-reddit but info there is a bit scattered, not to mention a bit toxic. Seems that no one really wants to give solid information out there out of fear that the competition will net less earnings. I try not to post too much there out of fear of being downvoted into oblivion as it is a bit of a shark tank over there.

    Not meaning to get ranty, it annoys me a bit that Reddit can get that way. I am glad I found this place. Haven't seen a hint of a toxic environment.

    Pytheas76Reddit can absolutely be a toxic mess. I rarely go there.
    First, I want to point out that your order of operations can be improved. Otto tends to work better if you open and start it before starting other finders. I can't explain the technical reasons why, but it is true.
    MTS vs other finders... maybe a personal preference? I personally prefer HIT Forker and Panda Crazy Max to find and catch. I think they just work well together and I can keep my PREs down.
    Speaking of which, I just want to make sure you've used the PRE Calculator to check that you're running these scripts at speeds that won't give you any issues? Too many PREs is going to slow you down and prevent you from catching work.


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      I appreciate the advice, I saw something about the order of opening last night as I was reading some older posts. I will definitely give that a go. I have never had any issues with PRE's and have been careful with that. I am constantly paranoid about it, lol.

      I appreciate your response. I am always reluctant to try something new but if I can do it better and benefit from the results then I would like to change. I will look into those two scripts.