Qual test for these.

Title: Labelling emotion of short (~25s) audio clip • https://worker.mturk.com/projects/3V...3O53QA4J/taskshttps://worker.mturk.com/projects/3V.../accept_random
Requester: CHAI Group • https://worker.mturk.com/requestersA...YA0WT/projects
TV: No Reviews • https://turkerview.com/requesters/A3SCNQL1FYA0WT
TO [Pay=4.65] [Fast=4.89] [Comm=5.00] [Fair=4.83] [Reviews=22] [ToS=0] • https://turkopticon.ucsd.edu/A3SCNQL1FYA0WT
TO2 No Reviews • https://turkopticon.info/requesters/A3SCNQL1FYA0WT
Reward: 0.13
Duration: 3600
Available: 535
Description: Listen to ~25s audio clip and answer multiple choice questions. Earn up to 9.25 dollars per hour! Please listen to audio at 1x speed.
Qualifications: Total approved HITs GreaterThan 1000; Emotion Labelling Test: Short Audio EqualTo 100; Blocked or Audio Labelling in Oct DoesNotExist ; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThanOrEqualTo 99; Location EqualTo US (edited)