Title: Qualify for ~20 job skills and knowledge tests | Accept
Requester: Sarah Cogswell [A5D4LUO0E8HE3] Contact
TV: No Reviews
TO: [Pay=4.07] [Fast=4.33] [Comm=1.67] [Fair=4.60] [Reviews=15] [ToS=0]
TO2: [Hrly=11.03] [Pen=1.39 days] [Res=0%] [Rec=75%] [Rej=1] [ToS=0] [Brk=0]
Reward: 0.25
Duration: 3600
Available: 27
Description: Quick screener for job experience, skiils, and demos to qualify for ~20 longer job skills tests. There are 2 attention checks which will disqualify you from further studies.
Qualifications: HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThan 95; Location EqualTo US

Sarah runs a group of 3.00 hits that take about 15 minutes on average
Example hit although there are about 60 different versions to date:

Title: Computer Skills Research Study | PANDA
Requester: Sarah Cogswell [A5D4LUO0E8HE3] (Req TV): N/A
(TO): [Pay: 4.07] [Fair: 4.60] [Comm: 1.67] [Fast: 4.33]
Description: 15 minute survey. Answer questions to demonstrate computer skills. Bonus for top performers.
Time: 2 hour(s)
HITs Available: 1
Reward: $3.00
Qualifications: Computer Skills EqualTo 1; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThan 95; SurveyRep DoesNotExist ; Location EqualTo US;