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    PC Helper Instructions

    To start this script you must go to: https://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome?pandacrazy=on

    Panda Crazy is a script which helps with the organization and grabbing hits as fast as possible. Now it has evolved to do more than just a panda. It can do a pantha which helps with throttled batches a bit. It can also do a search on the requester for any hits they drop. With the GoHam button you can have it grab hits as fast as possible once something drops. It will also slow down if it starts getting PRE's which could help out when you're trying to work from your queue. There is also list of your hits in your current queue on the bottom so you can always know what's in your queue.

    IMPORTANT: Be sure to run Panda Crazy in it's own window. Browsers will limit scripts to a 1 second timer if they are in a tab unfocused.

    Some screenshots for examples.​
    For all the help you will possibly need you can go to: pandacrazy.allbyjohn.com
    There is also some help inside the script but just some quick help and nothing in detail. Every alarm in the script can be changed to whatever you would like. Plenty of options to play with and change it to work with the way you want to work.

    More examples of the search page and changing alarms.​
    The script also has an some add on scripts which can help when you're on mturk.
    1. Mturk Panda Crazy Helper - Shows easy add buttons on mturk.com and can send your projected earnings back to Panda Crazy main script.
    2. Mturk Panda Crazy Queue Helper - This script will go to the next lowest time hit in your queue. It grabs the queue data from Panda Crazy instead of sending a request to mturk every submit. This should lower the amount of PRE's. It only work when Panda Crazy main script is running in the same browser.
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