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Problem with Circle Pay for Prolific

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    Problem with Circle Pay for Prolific

    This morning, myself and several others got this message from Prolific. I just wanted to reassure everyone that they weren't alone with this, and this has not impacted anyone's Circle Pay contributions toward this site.

    Unfortunately, there has been an issue with our latest payments via Circle. As a result, your payment due Nov 9th may not have arrived.

    If your payment has arrived you can ignore this message. If not, we're working with Circle to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

    Thank you for your patience, and apologies for this delay.


    Your Prolific Team

    My payment from the 9th has not arrived, but I also didn't get this message! I sent them a support ticket - haven't heard anything yet.


      My Prolific pending payment just went to Circle and I cashed it out. So, perhaps it'll be working for everyone now. Let us know.


        I have still not received mine over 7 days later. I sent a ticket and they responded back and said it's an issue they're trying to resolve. ????


          Just wanted to throw out there I think maybe me not being approved for Circle is a blessing in disguise. (I've always lived by the motto that everything happens for a reason). Yes it sucks to pay the small fee to PayPal but I just cash out once a week so it doesn't seem as steep. Plus by the time I convert it to USD I'm over it. I notice them taking their cut more when I sell something on Ebay.

          Edit: Oh I forgot to mention, last Thursday when I cashed out for my Friday payment it was instant. I just looked right now and it's now still telling me it is instant. IDK if this is something new or because I have cashed out regularly but food for thought.
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          • Fisherman
            Fisherman commented
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            PayPal is the Devil. I've had enough problems with PayPal for 100 men. I'll never even consider doing business with them again. If I could wipe one company off the face of the planet, that'd be the one.

          • smartin
            smartin commented
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            Your welcome jewel777.
            Fisherman I assume you were part of the lawsuit with PayPal several years ago with the funds on hold forever and then money disappearing? I will say their customer service sucks if you have to ever contact them. I would rather stick myself in the eye with a pencil. I hope they will get it together one of these days with that.
            Maybe one day someone will come up with something comparable. I really wanted to try Circle and give it a shot. Maybe something will change with them in the future and I can try to reopen an account.

          • Fisherman
            Fisherman commented
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            Yep, they very nearly got $20,000 from me...and I had to live without it for 6 months...and "remind" them to return it.