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    New and looking forward to getting started

    Hi everyone. I just came across this opportunity not too long ago but I would like to start very soon. I'm curious if anyone has some insight on how to best avoid PRE errors and I was also wondering if anyone has had any issues with malware or viruses when interacting with hits or scripts? I would like to use a VPN but that's looking like it's out of the question which makes me think that using a computer just for this kind of thing optimal.

    Welcome fgm5 ! There is a PRE calculator you can use to figure out what works best for you when running multiple scripts. Page Request Calculator | Our Hit Stop Just keep adjusting what speeds you want to run scripts at until you get ideally a number at or above 0.8 seconds.
    I can't speak to all scripts, but I regularly use Panda Crazy Max, Hit Forker, and Otto and I haven't had any issues with malware or viruses from those.
    I would recommend against a VPN. I have seen many surveys state that if it is detected you are using one, your work will be rejected.

    If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to join us on the Daily Hits Thread and ask there!


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      Thanks for sharing. I will check that out also.