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Hey Turkers!

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    Hey Turkers!

    I started doing MTurk in March and soon found Our Hit Stop. It has been interesting work so far. I've read through several postings and all the members here seem to be very cool.
    My career has totally been in photography (since 1974). I ended up owning the photography business that I was shooting for and sold it back in November 2019. Doing the MTurk work has kept me occupied during my time at home - and now still on lockdown from the coronavirus - ALWAYS at home! Anyway, it feels weird thinking this but now I guess I'm what you call "retired" . My original idea was to get a job at a golf course to get my ass off the couch and back on the golf course! Then the virus happened and all the golf courses and country clubs around here (Atlanta) implemented hiring freezes. So back to the drawing bored . Then I found MTurk and a few other online sites for online work. It has been fun thus far and I look forward to reading posts from all the Our Hit Stop members. Remember to wash your hands and stay safe!
    The Gonz

    Glad to have you! I had briefly thought about doing photography myself but I knew I would struggle to keep up with the changes in technology and I have always struggled with change. Hope we can help you be successful turking (and pass the time in lock down a little easier too). Don't be afraid to ask any questions on the DHT. Hope to see you around!


      Welcome welcome! I have a load of darkroom supplies someone gifted me a couple years ago, you're reminding me I should try to do something with them now I have all this time

      We're glad to have you join us - do feel free to post questions in the daily thread, or you can always ping me with questions.


        Welcome GonzoATL ! We're glad to have you here. I'm a fellow Georgian. I live about 30 minutes south of Atlanta, on a good traffic day
        Names have been drawn for the Our Hit Stop Gift Exchange. Don't forget to send a gift by December 21!.


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          Ihearddat. Atlanta traffic is not the place to be during rush hours.