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    Greeting from Texas Newbie

    Hi All! I've heard great things about Otto and am anxious to learn. I've been on MTurk for almost a year. I started out with it when I left my full time job to be a caregiver for my mother. I've since retired and use MTurk to supplement my fixed income. I look forward to getting to know you!

    Glad to have you here
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    JodyG Mturk is also my secondary source of income. I personally understand the struggles of caretaking as I did it for a few years for my grandma to help out my mom before I moved out of state, I still go back about once a month to help out for a week and I love the flexibility that I have with mturk and my regular job that as long as I have internet I can work anywhere.
    Most of the action happens on the Daily Hits Thread (DHT) so go ahead and give your self an avatar so it's easy to notice you when you post and come join us over there!