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    Hi! Names Jen, you should only see me on the weekends (Fri-Sun). I've Turked since .... as long as I can remember ?... I would swear at least 2011 but dashboard only shows a 3 year period and have masters. It's not a full time thing for me obviously and I'm pretty content with my earnings of 2500-3000 a year. It's a hobby. However, this year has been rough (on us all right) and my husband is no longer working. We are working on getting a resale business running but I enjoy my quiet turk time in the morning. I'm generally listing items and turking between 4am and 11:30.

    I joined this forum because of OTTO, really wanted to check it out after a mention in an FB group that I rarely really look at honestly. I hope this is the home I'm searching for and look forward to meeting you all.
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    Welcome JHkerriokey! I think you'll find us a friendly bunch. We're most active on east coast time so that should fit your schedule well
    Come hang out with us on the Daily Hit Thread (DHT) and we'll help you get started with Otto!