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    Hello from a requester and software developer

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a behavioral science researcher and MTurk requester. I run studies on MTurk to understand the psychology of prediction. I've spent many nights and weekends over the last 2 years developing a survey creation software which I use for my studies.

    I'm constantly updating the software and piloting new features in my research. Although I do everything I can think of to debug the software before I launch a study, occasionally workers encounter errors. I'm genuinely committed to improving my software both for researchers and workers. My philosophy is to be responsive to workers who encounter errors, compensate them generously, and express my appreciation for their hard work and patience.

    I'm continually impressed by how understanding you are when something goes wrong. I hope I can use this forum to understand how to create a better experience for you as I develop my software.

    Best wishes,

    We are so glad to have you here dsbowen! I give you a ton of props for creating your own software for studies as opposed to using pre made ones.

    Things happen, we are all human at the end of the day and as long as we all work together we can overcome hurdles. I personally wanted to thank you again for being so responsive to the issue I had encountered on your study earlier today. It means a lot as there are many requesters that are not responsive at all which makes it hard for all parties involved.

    Most of our daily action happens on the DHT (Daily Hits Thread) which you can find in the static bar at the top of any page. You will get the fastest responses from more members posting anything there, of course weekends are typically slow for the forum as most workers take most of that time off.
    Go ahead and give yourself an avatar so it's easy to recognize you when you post and hope to see you over there sometime




        Welcome! We're happy to have you. We tend to be a chatty bunch and love to answer questions so do come find us on the DHT some time


          Welcome! We're very glad to have you here. In the faceless world of mturk requesters and workers, it's so nice to have a requester willing to hear workers out and make sure the studies are working as they should. We have an excellent group of workers here at OHS. I look forward to working on your studies sometime!