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    Hello from Extreme Southern Oklahoma IOW North Texas

    Hello Net Citizens Anyone care to help me with setting up Panda Crazy? I have had it running earlier today but misclicked and closed windows so lost the url.
    You know what they say when you get old your memory is the second thing to go.

    I have tamper monkey , MTS, and Hit Forker running.


    My goal is to build a life that I don't need a vacation from.


      Hi sdmanson! Did Fisherman's link help you? Let us know


        Yes thanks to all who responded I now have it bookmarked and have increased my HITs almost 100%
        Now for some newbie questions.....
        I heard that you get larger HITs when you make some threshold i.e. 500, 1000 , 5000 and so on My question will you actually notice when you go from say 490 to 500 or is it gradual?


        • smartin
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          Personally it's pretty gradual. You see more and more as they start to open up. Sometimes you will see if you go on mturk and clear your filters some requesters that you might want to work for because the hit sounds interesting. Click qualify and see if they require a minimum amount of hits approved. I myself never had a golden "ah-ha" moment if you will, I just started noticing more work available to me as I did more hits.
          It's also not a bad idea to cruise through all of those hits that you don't qualify for and if there are any tests you can take, take them. Never stop looking for qualifications.

          Hope that helps, also don't be afraid to ask questions over on the Daily Hits thread, as that's where most people are during the day you can easily get a larger response from a handful of members on their viewpoint on these things.

        • Fisherman
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          I agree with all of what smartin said.