Hello from Toronto, Canada!!!



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    Hello from Toronto, Canada!!!

    Hello everyone, I am from Canada, I have been using mturk from last 6 months my current approved Hits are around 9400 and I have maintained Hit approval rate 99.28%.
    I am working for almost 4 to 5 hrs in a day but still didn't get expected success. Whatever HITs I did most are penny batch Hits.
    Hope, here I will get help from you all and may be able to make some better earnings.


    Welcome vrushTester ! You're off to a solid start on mTurk You may see some more hits open up around 10,000. However, I think at this point I would focus on finding qualifications and doing as many tests as possible. Keep an eye on the daily hit thread because people post qual hits whenever we find them. Also, search regularly for "qual" or "qualify" or "test" on the worker site. Finally, you may want to try checking here regularly, though I've noticed they're not always up to date https://turkerview.com/qualifeye/

    Can I ask what your goals are? You say "expected success" - what does that look like for you?


    • vrushTester
      vrushTester commented
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      Hi, thanks for the information. And you are right, I need to focus on finding qualification, I think I am ignoring that one.
      My goal is to earn $40 to $50 daily.

    • CrazyCatLady
      CrazyCatLady commented
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      vrushTester that's doable, but it might take a bit longer for you to get there, to be honest. I also don't know much about working from outside the US, though it seems like I see Canada quals fairly often. The absolutely best thing you can do is to hone in on taking every test you can to make sure you're qualified for things. That way you'll always have something to work on, even if it's underpaid. Secondly, before you dive into a batch make sure you trust the requester not to give you lots of rejections!