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    Hello from Maryland

    Hello Everybody!

    I'm husslemoney. I am not new to mTurking, but I'm a new returnee. Thanks to the evil covid, I've just been furloughed for the THIRD time in less than a year (the last time I only worked a week before I was shut down again). I did some calculations and realized that if I try really hard I might be able to make more than I did at (reduced hours) at my last gig. And, as my industry is going to take a while to rebuild, mTurking might be the thing for me to do while I work on my personal business as a cultural facilitator (I'm making this up as I go along right now!). I've found that I've either forgotten everything I used to know as a mturker or it's no longer relevant. I found this group from your well-made videos on youtube. I'm really interested in Otto. Also, the main reason I'm here is for the community. I was part of a community before, but they've gone to a new platform that doesn't work for the way my brain works. Hopefully, I've found my new home!


    I'm very excited to be here. And, I'm really hoping that turking can be a viable part of my work life.

    Thank you,


    Welcome! We're got such a great community here, so feel free to hop into the Daily Hits Thread (DHT) and chat with us. Depending on how long you've been away from mturk, a lot of older scripts don't work anymore, and the mturk page itself has gone through some changes. Hopefully we can get you set up with all the scripts you need to make your goal.


      Welcome Husslemoney! Your name seems really familiar. I'm glad you have found us and I hope we can be of assistance to get you back into the groove of things.
      I understand about the struggles of the regular job. I do follow ups for dealerships to make sure they are meeting their quality standards and one of our big dealerships that was the majority of my income every month decided to not renew their contract with the company I work for. I get paid per completion of calls so back to unemployment I go to hopefully supplement my income.

      Depending on how long it's been since you turked a lot of the scripts still work about the same as they have for a few years. If you use Panda Crazy, you'll need to get the script for OHS PC helper so you can post links on the forum if you'd like and be able to see the links that are posted on the DHT Here's the link for quick access to download from greasyfork https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/37...r-our-hit-stop

      We usually hang out on the DHT so feel free to ask questions over there, we will all do what we can to help you out and get you back up to speed so you can turk efficiently. Once you get things back down to a rhythm I would highly suggest investing in Otto, it definitely helps with catching those higher paying hits.


      • Husslemoney
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        Thank you. I am definitely planning on investing in Otto. I' just went to the DHT. From the time stamps, it looks like I am definitely a lazy Susan. It looks like, in addition to helping learn everything, you guys are going to make me be more professional too. I'm looking forward to it. See you in the DHT!

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        Husslemoney don't feel bad about times you get on, I'm hit and miss all the time. I don't turk a lot on the weekends since it's typically so slow and low paying hits but during the week I'm infamous for not getting on till almost noon central time

      Hi Husslemoney! As the others have said, come join us on the DHT. We're glad to have you!


        Hi Husslemoney! I remember you from TN. Welcome to OHS!