MTurk Newbie - Just finished 9th day of "10-day Intro Period"



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    MTurk Newbie - Just finished 9th day of "10-day Intro Period"

    Hi, just popping in to say Howdy! 👋

    I’m a new member here AND on Amazon MTurk. So far I've been limited to 100 hits/day.

    I’ve got 569 approved hits and 249 pending w/ 2 rejections. Mostly been doing quick and easy hits to get over the 1,000 hit mark ASAP.

    The majority of hits I've been taking are
    "Enter Detailed Information for a Postcard" from Cardcow and "Type numbers and names" from INFOSCAN GmbH. I've done various others, like "Check tax calculation data on Amazon" and some surveys.

    I'm not using anything to find hits other than filtering
    Creation Date: newest first/I'm qualified to work on. I've taken a lot of qualification tests and filled out all of Amazon Mechanical Turk Demographics.

    I'm hoping to eventually get to a place of understanding and mastering the best ways to find hits that pay.

    Any suggestions, advice or just a hello is welcome.😉

    Welcome BCraigWrites !

    You really need a few scripts to help you out once you hit the end of your 10 days. Go to this page and grab:
    Tampermonkey (you'll need this to manage scripts) Panda Crazy, OHS PC Helper, and Hit Forker

    You should also get mTurk Suite, which is now a chrome extension.

    As hits start opening up and you get even more experience turking, think about getting Otto. It probably won't be as helpful to you now as when you have 5k hits.

    Finally, come hang out with us on the DHT (link above) and ask lots of questions


    • BCraigWrites
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      Hi CrazyCatLady:

      Thanks for all your suggestions. I have no idea what this all is. I've downloaded mTurkSuite and TamperMonkey.

      I can't find Hit Forker, OHS PC Helper or Panda Crazy. I use FireFox so that may be why?

      Is there a document or step by step, how-to to download so I can get a handle on downloading all these add-ons and how to make them work?

    When I was starting out, I would take notice of the requesters that had good HITS vs bad HITS so that I knew to seek them out/avoid them in the future, and also anyone who answered me if I contacted them with concerns or problems. A lot of these things are already available to you if you use TurkerView (and I recommend you do), but it's good to know you won't end up getting any mass-rejections or undeserved rejections! Also play around with different scripts and figure out what helps you become more productive and what seems to help with your earnings! Best of luck!


    • BCraigWrites
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      Hi combo448:

      Thank you for replying to my post and telling me what to watch out for.

      Per your suggestion, I've signed up at TurkerView and have an account. I've just downloaded mTurkSuite and TamperMonkey as suggested by CrazyCatLady.

      It's all overwhelming at this point. I need to do some reading somewhere that can explain all these downloads and programs and scripts and how they all work together for my benefit.

    Oh Lordy. All these things I downloaded are now confusing my views of the MTurk screen with graphs and warnings and comments. I'm so baffled.

    I think I might need to undo all the downloads and just fend for myself on the regular MTurk screen...TBH, I'm not sure I'm advanced enough to understand all these things you guys do. It's very complicated...there's so much information. I just want to do hits. How do you get anything done with all the information coming at you?


    • Fisherman
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      What you seriously need to do right now is slow down. Here's the truth of it all. If you do everything right, it's going to take you 6 months to get completely up to speed and earn at your full potential. Or you can fumble around in the dark and take a year, or you can get the wrong advice and end up quitting in a month or two.

      You need to watch our entire video series which begins with this one, and don't skip a single bit of it...

      You don't need to start out installing every script under the sun. Take them all off now. Install one at a time and live and work with it for a week before adding another.

      Post your questions to the DHT (daily hits thread) and not here.

      You can do this, you can earn money on mTurk. You can't do it overnight. You can't do it by overwhelming yourself.

      and we're not like anywhere else...for example...I made Otto. But Otto is not for you, yet. It's in my best interest to sign you up today...but that's not what you need.

      In 6 months, you can be ready.

    • CrazyCatLady
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      BCraigWrites, you'll get there. As Fisherman says, watch the videos in your free time, they'll help a lot. Also, besides the information about hits that you get, MTS also tracks your hits for you - this can be helpful as you start doing surveys and you hit a point where you're not sure if you did one before or not.

      Anyway, I think Fisherman's advice is sound: pick one script and go from there. Let us know if you have questions about using it!

    Hello. I am new on OTTO and hope to increase my earnings. I hope you are done with your 10 days.