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    I'm a filmmaker based in Switzerland, working on a cinema documentary on people making a living by working remotely on online platforms like MTurk and similar. I've asked to become a member of OurHitStop as a requester. I am glad to be here!

    By publishing several HITs around the turn of the year 2019/20, I was able to have long conversations with some dozen Turkers, which provided me with an impressionably diverse insight into what turking is like. Several of the people I spoke with recommended that I become a member of OurHitStop.

    Before I could do so, Covid-19 brought my work to a long standstill, which, fortunately, now got to an end, and I can proceed.

    I've just posted another HIT, in which I am again looking for experienced Turkers to talk to them. Those interested will find the relevant information in the Daily Hits Thread. (Right now, the HIT is not yet showing on the platform.)

    Welcome, Irene Loebell ! Thank you for joining OHS. We're glad to have you.