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    New and focused

    Hi fellow turkers.
    I'm Ginny from South Carolina. I saw that someone else is also new from SC as well. Hi to you as well.

    I am fascinated and focused on building my Mturk hustle. Doing good, quality work, low rejection rates, and a high HIT count has been my goal since starting a month ago. I am now 30 HITs away from 1,000 and am finding it quite challenging to get even 10-20 HITs a day lately. But I am not letting that dissuade me. Otto is on the horizon and I anticipate it will immensely boost my productivity.

    Happy turking, everyone!


    Glad to have you here GinnyTurk! Hitting that first 1K is probably the hardest because it's so hard to find decent work from reputable requesters when you are starting out. Keep grinding on and you'll be there soon and more things will start opening up for you. Keep up the quality work and you'll be just fine.
    Any opportunity you can for a qualification either by test of via a hit take it.
    Come stop by and say hi on the DHT, that's where we always seem to hang out throughout the day.


      GinnyTurk I'm also in SC, but don't think I'm the person you're speaking of....I'm newish...been here since june or july i think...but not new to turking. Anways, welcome, fellow South Carolinian! What part of the state are you from?


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        Hi ya! Yes, this person had signed up today, so probably not you. I'm up near Charlotte. Great state we live in.

      GinnyTurk I'd heavily suggest that you take a deep look at our video series to get you started.

      My goal is to build a life that I don't need a vacation from.