New here, but not new to Turking...



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    New here, but not new to Turking...

    I took some time off my day job to visit family in late 2019 when I found out about and got accepted into mTurk, spent quite a bit of time learning during that "vacation" and got quite a few hits going. Got a little frustrated when I signed up for payments to Amazon gift cards... while I do shop some at Amazon, it wasn't helping with the bills (probably made them worse... shopping at Amazon more 🤣). A couple of months ago, I finally got it set up to send to PayPal and got started again on it. I'm sitting at 749 approved hits now and want to get going on it again, especially when I hear of people making several hundred to $1k, $2k, $3k per month.

    My goal is to get to a point that I make my mortgage payment by Turking during TV time.

    Welcome @richinwv!

    I've been turking since 2017 and make a modest $400- ish a month. We have people who've been turking much longer and making lots more. There's a lot of knowledge on the board, and we're happy to share. Join us on the Daily Hit Thread (same area where Fisherman introduced you), and feel free to join in the conversation. Make sure to grab yourself an avatar so we have a "fact" to your name