Hi everyone! New to this forum.



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    Hi everyone! New to this forum.

    I've been an occasional MTurk worker for over 5 years now with about 8500 HITS completed so far. I tend to work in the evenings after my son goes to bed. (Is it weird to say that this is my "me time" activity? haha) Nights seem to be a lot slower in terms of work available, though, so I'm looking forward to learning more strategies here to hopefully raise my earnings. I've browsed through a few pages so far and everyone here seems to be quite friendly!

    Welcome BooksAndSweets ! Everyone here is very friendly and helpful. Most of the conversation happens over on the Daily Hits Thread (DHT.) It gets a bit quiet around here at night, but I think there are some folks that turk in the evenings so feel free to post on the DHT whenever you want!
    Turking is a great me time activity. It earns money instead of spending it! Turking and checking in with the forum is part of my daily routine.