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    Hello everyone!

    Hi, everyone! I just started working on Mturk in January of this year and although tedious at times, have really loved it! I actually discovered One Hit Stop yesterday through Youtube when I was trying to find out more about (headache inducing) taxes, LOL. It took months before I even realized there were dedicated forums for Mturk so my journey has been a solitary one 😆 I joined a different forum a few months ago but it wasn't very lively. Came here hoping to have fun and just chat with people to discover how everyone's experiences have been as I don't know anyone in real life who works on Mturk. Hope everyone is having a great day. Christmas and the New Year is almost here!!! 😀

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    Rowlet ! We're so happy you found us. And if you've already been on the OHS youtube channel, I'm sure you've seen there is a lot of good information there. You'll find that working with mturk coworkers makes it more fun, and this forum has brought together a really great group of people. Most people hang on and chat over on the Daily Hit Thread. (DHT) Please hop in the conversation over there! Chat, share hits, ask questions.