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    Hello! I'm Zack Mcdowell

    So glad to be getting into this forum. I started turking about a month ago and I'm coming up on 500 hits. I hope I can contribute to the members of this forum and hope if anyone has any unique techniques to please share. Thanks guys!

    Welcome @zackmcdowell15
    Getting to 500 is a big deal! Once you hit 1k you'll definitely open up your options.

    Another big deal that like to tell newbies is to make sure you do as many tests and qualifications as you can. We list them in the daily hit thread when we come across them.

    Finally, make sure you ask about any requester you're not sure about! Protect your high approval rating as much as possible.


    • zackmcdowell15
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      Thanks for the tips!

    Outside of OTTO is there any add ons that you would recommend? I'm constantly feeling like I'm barely behind everyone else on collecting HITS. It's like I can always see it long enough to put into a catcher put it never catches. I haven't gotten the key for OTTO yet so I'm not sure how much that will actually help.
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      zackmcdowell15 Otto will help, but not a ton until you hit that 1k milestone. I would find some hits to grind on, the pay might suck, but you'll get good numbers and a buffer to help you in case of rejections. Requesters like MLDataLabeler are great for that.

      In the meantime, make sure you have MTS and maybe PandaCrazy - do you have either?

      It might be good to review Fisherman's videos if you haven't already. He covers a lot of the add ons https://www.youtube.com/c/ThemTurkFisherman/videos