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    Hey, I just joined and thought I'd introduce myself. I go by showla online, I heard about Otto and this forum a few days ago and decided to learn some more about it. I haven't been a turker for very long, so I am still a bit confused on what is even going on. Hoping this site can help a bit with that. If anyone has any advice i'll gladly appreciate the help.

    Also, if someone can tell me how the daily hit threads work, that'd be helpful. Like I said, im very new...

    Hi Showla! That's an awesome picture - your dog?

    DHT: we start a new daily hit thread every day. People tend to check in there, chat, and post about work of course. You're welcome to post anything there, including questions. That's where you'll get the most eyeballs and the quickest response.

    As for turking: how long have you been working on mturk? Give us your stats - how many hits completed, approval, etc. We'll be able to give you some pointers to get started from there


    • ZeldaFoot
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      Showla you're off to a great start! Your first 10 days on mturk are probationary days and you can only accept 100 hits a day during that period. After that the daily limit is much higher.
      Your main goal now is getting a lot of hits approved. A lot of requesters use qualifications like "approved hits greater than X" so you'll see more hits available after you reach 1000 and then 5000 hits. It sounds like a lot, but it isn't that bad.
      On the daily hit thread people here share things that are good to work on, and sometimes give warnings about hits with issues or requesters that reject. So make sure you hang out with us there, and please feel free to join in the chat! I know a lot of times new mturk workers or new members here feel like they don't have anything to add to the board, but just saying hello and chatting with us is a lovely contribution!

    • CrazyCatLady
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      Showla in addition to what ZeldaFoot is saying, take a look at the scripts info - maybe start with one of Fisherman's videos if you haven't already. Scripts make working somewhat easier in that they'll help you organize and keep track of information.

      Also happy birthday to Luna

    • Showla
      Showla commented
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      Thanks guys, I have watched a few videos, and have been trying out different scripts. Thanks for your help I'll let ya'll know if I have anymore questions.