Long time to stop in and say hello!



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    Long time to stop in and say hello!

    hello all!

    sorry i didn't get to this sooner but hello and thank you for having this site to help us with trying to find a way to make something in our lives.

    i have been a member since last year but life has been wild for me but finally getting to giving my thank you for giving me the ability to make something from nothing.



    swampneck We're so glad you made it back! Join us on the Daily Hit Thread (DHT) where all the chatter really happens - nothing is off topic there


      thanks! still navigating the whole site slowly if you can provide any help please do im insanely scatterbrained.


      • CrazyCatLady
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        swampneck, once you get here: https://www.ourhitstop.com/forum/our-daily-hits-thread there are threads for each day. There should only be one open (the current day).

        Also, check out the top navigation bar: the FAQ and the Videos links are probably great places for you to start

      • ZeldaFoot
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        swampneck thanks for being here with us! Like CrazyCatLady said, the daily hits thread is where you'll find a lot of the chat happening. Please feel free to jump in! And you can ask any questions you might have there too!