Hello everyone - Thank you for being here.



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    Hello everyone - Thank you for being here.

    My name is Lindy . This will be my 3 rd time on the the Mturk dashboard and i do not know if i am even doing right. I certainly jumped into this without knowing much . I actually didnt think i would be selected (I never get picked for anything) but here i am . Hopefully I wont be to much of a pain w/ all my questions. I am going to come back after a visit to the Mturk website.
    Thank you again for the welcomes - Lindy

    Welcome lindy247! We're glad you decided to join us. I love your avatar

    Feel free to join us on the DHT (daily hit thread - link in the top nav bar). There are a lot of people who can give you help and advice as you get started. And definitely give Fisherman's videos a watch if you haven't already (also linked above)