Hey guys, new here!



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    Hey guys, new here!

    After getting the big welcome in the daily thread I feel a little silly posting, but...

    Thanks for having me. You guys all seem to be a pretty great group of people! I've been turking for about a year now after getting into medical disability (hopefully temporary), it's been a life saver! I was super lucky in that I had already had a MTurk account that I opened about 12 years ago that I never used. I was shocked that it was still open and I didn't have to reapply, whew!

    Anyways, I stumbled across the forum here about a month ago and I decided to jump in after watching the site owner's videos on YouTube. I'm super glad I decided to go for tier 3, it's already paid itself off in an hour or so. Definitely happy.

    Look forward to turking alongside you all!
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    Glad to have ya Vitamanic! Mturk has definitely been a lifesaver for me. Happy to see that the videos helped out and do not hesitate to ask any questions. We are all here to help each other out. I like to call this place my other family. Hope to see you around on the DHT!