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Give OTTO a try for free and Discover the Way mTurk Work Should Have Always Been. To get started, contact me at [email protected]

Our site is constantly growing and adding new features. We've already come a long way in a very short time, and would love for you to become a more active member of our group.

Beyond your initial Free 3-Day Trial, to have a permanent OTTO Key you need to have a Tier 2 or Tier 3 membership.

Our current membership prices are:

Tier 1: Free
Tier 2: $10/month
Tier 3: $15/month

If you need to upgrade your membership tier, please send me a message at [email protected] , and I'll get that taken care of for you.

To Find out all about OTTO check out .
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    Welcome to our little corner of the internet! I'm one of your friendly neighborhood mods in this lovely forum. Please, if you ever have any sort of problem, feel free to DM me or any of the other AMAZING mods here and we will do everything we can to help. Unless it's food-I can't cook! Love life-yeah, I'm not awesome at that either. Social life...I'm still trying to get one of those, too! But, forum related or Turk related...message away!

    Kick off your shoes, get a coffee, soda, water, or cocktail, snacks are in the corner and stay off the beanbag chair-it's mine! Please join us in the DHT and say "Hey!".
    Positive as f*&%! Be happy and everything else is a breeze!