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    Introducing Myself & Question

    Hi Everyone!
    I'm Vicki - new to Our Hit Stop/Otto and I have been on MTurker since mid October. I love it! I have a full time executive level job where I work from home so I have plenty of time for this side-hustle to earn extra money for our passion of travel!
    Otto has been working wonderfully for me! But I do have a question: I have it set to a $1 minimum, and when I do that, those are the only hits I see - so even if I wanted to do a quick 25ยข one or so, they won't show up in HITS unless I lower the minimum on Otto, and I don't want a gazillion HITs added to my queue. Does that make sense and is there a way to be able to see all HITS without changing my Otto minimum?

    VickiFloyd I'm glad you're enjoying Otto. It sounds to me like what you're needing is a scraper. I recommend Hit Forker. You can find a link to this, and most of the best scripts that our members are using at

    you'd need to download TamperMonkey first though, as it is the receptacle that other scripts are placed into.


      While Otto is running, your Mturk HITs page will reflect whatever minimum dollar amount you have Otto set to. But you can just adjust your filter on the mturk page to get it to show you lower paying hits, and it won't affect Otto. You just have to adjust the filter every time you refresh the hits page. I sometimes work like this, letting Otto catch $1+ work, and setting my filter to $0.01 to look for quick work or batches


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        Thanks Zelda! That was exactly the issue. I didn't realize that Otto would affect the MTurk filter as well. I have changed it and now I'm seeing what I expected to see. Thanks so much!