first full day of Otto (and 1 question)



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    first full day of Otto (and 1 question)

    Hello all!

    I just installed Otto yesterday afternoon and it grabbed a couple HITs for me- yesterday was supremely slow, though. This morning, though, it picked up several HITs that I otherwise would not have gotten (probably) far I'm giving it a thumbs up. And, one day is not enough to know whether this is a fluke (lots of HITs today and practically nothing yesterday)

    Also, I'm using it in concert with MTS and mostly doing surveys

    My question is: is this Otto Lite that I'm using? And what are the advantages with Otto regular?
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    Otto Heavy will have more customization. Block list, PRE delay, custom sounds, the ability to run full screen in its own tab. Stuff like that. Otto Lite is a wonderful tool by itself, Otto Heavy just has a few more options.