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Few problems/issues

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    Few problems/issues

    It would seem when loading block list from HF (im guessing because mine is so big 6000+ entries) it depletes the memory of Otto Heavy and wont catch any hits. Secondly sorry if this sounds flamish/triggering just a question. I remember we were going to get a new update for Otto and you had issues with google store around New years, then covid stuff. But instead of an update, it seems the update has become a new heavy version which is $5 more a month. I don't understand this. I want to test Heavy but adding all my otto blocks again manually (like 400) for less than a month of use now for a version i may decide i dont even need seems tedious. Again no disrespect just confused, not on the boards that much anymore perhaps I missed something.

    edit: Prolly just add some of the blocks and test anyway. Thanks for your work.

    edit2: delete heavy to get rid of HF blocks. fixed problem (like i suspected too many entries). Another potential issue PRE counter doesnt work. Never got a PRE even as a test, setting search rate to lowest possible setting for a while. Perhaps 0.8 is lowest but i can manually put in 0.1 and save it, probably still working at 0.8 though (at 0.1 saved setting) so if thats the case very possible ive never gotten a PRE legitimately, then no issue.
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    So the thinking behind the two different versions was that Otto Heavy has so many more features than Otto Lite does. We began to think that there might be a decent amount of Otto users who would be turned off by having too many different settings to fiddle with. So that's why there's the option of two different versions.

    I'm about 99% sure I've seen Fisherman say he made Otto so it will not search faster than .8 since that's generally the lowest recommended search rate. So even though your screen might let you set it to .1, I don't think it's actually doing that.
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      Okay that makes sense about 2 different versions. Yeah thats what i was thinking about search rate so good to confirm, he did say this as a recommendation but i dont think specifically stated at least with otto lite that putting it below .8 wont make it faster. But maybe he has said otherwise since. i wont go below 0.8 anyway (amazon getting mad) i was just doing it for testing PREs in brief intervals. If it's locked at 0.8+ thats fine by me and is actually a smart move for users not to get banned. I just wanted to make sure PRE counter was working as i thought it suspicious Ive never gotten a PRE.


        Also noticed hit history seems to work differently than in lite. Newest results are at end of list rather than in first results. Also hit history doesnt seem to update unless you close options and reopen it (as opposed to in lite you could just minimize hit history list and then maximize again)
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