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    I'm seeing a tab at the top of the forum with Qualifications. Is it recommended to apply for these qualifications in order for Otto to work best?

    No, Otto works with whatever quals you currently have. However, it is always beneficial to have as many quals as you can get. Therefore, we post qual tests and qual hits often. Qual Tests appear at the top of the DHT.

    I'm about to go ahead and send your Otto Link and Key. However, I strongly suggest that you start watching our entire video library. Just doing this alone will answer most of your questions and give you a real good head start.

    Knowledgeable advice, tip and tricks from an experienced Mechanical Turk worker, forum host, and the creator of Otto...

    Please post any questions you have in the DHT ( Daily Hits Thread ) for maximum exposure.
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      Thank you so much for the YouTube link. Lots of information in there. Eager to learn.