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    Just started using OTTO

    So on Friday I made the decision to start using the service. Sent the email out to inquire about Tier 3 upgrade. Within a short time I had a response from the admin and they sent me a link for the invoice. Once I paid for it I was sent a link within short order.

    After familiarizing myself with OTTO light (recommended by the admin first) I started using it yesterday (Saturday). Through my normal routine of turking there wasn't much available on a Saturday as usual. Over the course of the day I would take a little time and log on and start OTTO light and it would snag a few hits. Needless to say by last night I had a made $15 for the day paying for, in one SLOW day for the entire month.

    I have been tracking my earnings every day over the last few months on MTURK and can say that although I can pick up a few rogue hits here and there, I have never made $15 on any weekend day. Usually it is more like $2-3.

    I haven't even installed OTTO heavy yet. I am going to work the light version this week and maybe toward the end of the week learn how to use the heavy in the evenings during non productive hours.

    I only wish I found this app sooner.

    I am a disabled veteran who had to leave my full time job due to health reasons as a result of my military service. My wife works full time to support the family while I have been a stay at home dad since 2019 trying to start my own BBQ Food-truck in the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately COVID mucked things up and I have a 3/4 completed project that isn't functioning yet (partially due to the economy and COVID situation). Finances have been tough and I have been trying to work opportunities in order to supplement our income and pay for the business startup. I have always felt bad that haven't contributed much to our monthly income outside of my disability. Wife has been incredibly supportive though and constantly reminds me that raising the children while she works is a full time job in itself.

    Anyway, I didn't mean to ramble, but my point is that hopefully if yesterday was any indication, I feel that OTTO may be a major game changer for me.

    I just wanted to express my appreciation to that effect.

    What a great testimonial, Pytheas76 I'm so glad you found us
    I know Fisherman will be so happy to hear it's working well for you!


      Wonderful News ! That's exactly why Otto was created. I hope it will serve you well for a very long time ! Glad to have you aboard...
      My goal is to build a life that I don't need a vacation from.


        Pytheas76 being a stay at home parent is no easy gig! Good luck with the food truck biz! My husband really wanted to start one up, but, ya know... covid and all.
        Welcome to OHS!


        • Pytheas76
          Pytheas76 commented
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          Thank you... Yeah, Covid has kicked the crap out of a lot of dreams, lol Too bad "Stay at Home Parent" can't be used on a resume, :-P

        • CrazyCatLady
          CrazyCatLady commented
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          Pytheas76 I've had several friends use "COO of XXX Family Enterprises" on their LinkedIn to show stay at home parent-hood

        • ZeldaFoot
          ZeldaFoot commented
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          I consider myself a multi-unit operations manager. If it's acceptable to refer to my kids as units.
          It really should be normal to put stay at home parent on a resume. It shows multitasking skills, commitment, organization, and SO MUCH PATIENCE.