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Eat All Your Veggies Day HITs Wednesday June 17, 2020

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    Eat All Your Veggies Day HITs Wednesday June 17, 2020

    If veggies aren’t your favorite food already, National Eat Your Vegetables Day on June 17 is a great time to give them a try. After all, vegetables are very healthy. If you can manage a little experimentation in the kitchen, you can discover how many delicious recipes there are for them. So whether you’re digging into your favorite salad or trying kale for the first time, today is all about finishing the most colorful things on your plate.

    My favorite veggie is Brussels Sprouts. What's yours?

    Title: Your feelings about bonus payments for study participation (~4 mins) | Accept
    Requester: Positly [A20SRJ4UG9W0H0] Contact
    TO: [Pay=2.71] [Fast=4.00] [Comm=3.14] [Fair=4.06] [Reviews=31] [ToS=0]
    TO2: [Hrly=6.65] [Pen=0.54] [Res=null] [Rec=43] [Rej=0] [ToS=0] [Brk=2]
    Reward: 0.48
    Duration: 15:00
    Available: 61
    Description: We are considering different payment structures for our future studies. Your opinion about bonus payments provides us with insights on this matter.
    Qualifications: 80412233201bcb15666b2ac446860a99b1c3bf42 DoesNotExist ; Total approved HITs GreaterThanOrEqualTo 500; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThanOrEqualTo 96; 34ee50c9eacb4e076cedf82013242ddbbbff8013 NotIn 0; Location EqualTo US; ab5c70a2a750f5b115e550db4b754b92dfd32213 DoesNotExist


      Good morning everyone! Hope it's a profitable day for all!

      Beat by Giskard! ^^


        Title: Please help us find industrial features in satellite imagery. | Accept
        Requester: GeoHIVE Administrator [A2RAGWQ0G2TWAT] Contact
        TO: [Pay=2.45] [Fast=3.80] [Comm=2.00] [Fair=3.00] [Reviews=12] [ToS=0]
        TO2: No Reviews
        Reward: 0.18
        Duration: 20:00
        Available: 5006
        Description: We are looking for cement, fertilizer and brick processing plants.
        Qualifications: GeoHIVE Standard Qual In 0, 1; Location EqualTo US


          Title: Survey about Current Events | Accept
          Requester: Reg Tucker [AYM4ZDQ6KJNMT] Contact
          TV: [Hrly=$12.76] [Pay=Fair] [Approval=~24 hrs] [Comm=Unrated] [Rej=0] [Blk=0]
          TO: [Pay=3.00] [Fast=5.00] [Comm=0.00] [Fair=5.00] [Reviews=3] [ToS=0]
          TO2: No Reviews
          Reward: 2.00
          Duration: 1:00:00
          Available: 1
          Description: Give us your opinion about our current events in the US
          Qualifications: Masters Exists ; Location EqualTo US


            Good Morning Everyone.

            Well, my disability went through. First shot. At least the medical side of it. I figured I was going to have to appeal it as that's what my doctor told me would probably happen through her past experiences. Now I'm going through the non-medical side. I guess they just have to validate all my information on my application. The red tape never ends.

            I think I'm going to have to roll back my turking a little bit. They forgive the first $85 you make for the month but after that, you can only make fifty cents on the dollar. (At least for SSI) So basically, for every dollar you make over 85 they reduce your SS check by half of what you earned for that month and there's also a limit that you can earn for any given month. I'll still be here but it sure does take a good bit of wind out of my sails.

            Anyway, that's the story. Hope you all have a great day!


            • ProtectorOfKittens
              ProtectorOfKittens commented
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              The non-medical part went quickly for me. If you qualify for SSDI but not SSI, you can make more money. Good luck on everything!

            • USMarineVet
              USMarineVet commented
              Editing a comment
              ProtectorOfKittens Thank you POK. I'm actually reversed on that. I don't qualify for the SSDI, yet. I was just short on the work credits but from my understanding, I can make that up with turking. I had to take a lot of time off because of these damn knees and the dizzy spells from my head injury. It's just a matter of time. Thanks for the kind words!

            • ZeldaFoot
              ZeldaFoot commented
              Editing a comment
              Oof, I remember applying for disability for my daughter. The paperwork felt never ending. The good news is, after the initial application and acceptance, it was never that complicated again.

            Title: Psychology experiment about creativity and memoryAccept
            Requester: Kelly Cotton [A1Y72MN2P2C1YU] Contact
            TV: $20.83/hr TO: n/a
            Reward: $10.00
            Duration: 02:00:00
            Available: 1
            Description: This research project aims to learn more about the relationship between memory and creativity, and will involve a total of 1 hour of your time. Upon completion of this survey, you will be compensated $10.
            Qualifications: Total approved HITs GreaterThan 100; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThan 90


              smartin Thanks for the reply and sorry for the late response. This is in response to your comment from like 5 days ago that I'm just seeing now. The thread must be too old for me to respond there. Wouldn't let me do it.

              I do have PC Helper modified for OHS installed. It seems the only way I can export a hit into the group is to copy and paste via the vb link. But I rarely, if ever, use Hit Forker anymore. I click on the button to export to the group from my OTTO queue but for whatever reason, it doesn't show up here. I'm wondering if some of the other scripts I'm running are interfering with the export. Beats me. I figured I'd wait for the next update to OTTO and see if that resolves the issue for me. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's on my end.


              • Fisherman
                Fisherman commented
                Editing a comment
                Not sure if you realize that when you click the button on Otto, you then have to come here and paste the Hit.

              • USMarineVet
                USMarineVet commented
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                Fisherman Oh man. I didn't know that. No wonder! Thanks for the advice.

              There's a 10 dollar hit for a memory task it took me 29 minutes to complete you have to request the qualification for it at least I did. the requester name is Work That Memory

              They give you the qualification really fast.
              Last edited by basedsecrete; 06-17-2020, 08:05 AM.


              • NoelC
                NoelC commented
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                Thank you for posting, that was great.

              • Curbie
                Curbie commented
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                Great way to start the day, thanks!!

              • Sweetheart
                Sweetheart commented
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                kate Sorry I didn't see your message until now! I just pushed buttons until something popped up lol. I'm glad you got it to work!!

              pretty much all writing

              Title: Choose how to explain credit scoring decisions to customers. | PANDA
              Requester: Tim Miller [A25LHVDKDJ32L] (Req TV): $12.34/hr/hr
              (TO): [Pay: N/A] [Fair: N/A] [Comm: N/A] [Fast: N/A]
              Description: You will be provided personal lending decisions made with the aid of an AI and asked to rank statements that the lender could use to communicate the decision to the customer.
              Time: 40 minutes(s)
              HITs Available: 1
              Reward: $4.50
              Qualifications: Masters Exists ;


                Good morning
                Positive as f*&%! Be happy and everything else is a breeze!


                  Got this email for a followup:
                  Title: Psychology Survey(~ 8 minutes) | Accept
                  Requester: SurveyComet [A3NC2P2SPK9QQ] Contact
                  TV: [Hrly=$21.09] [Pay=Good] [Approval=~24 hrs] [Comm=Excellent] [Rej=2] [Blk=0]
                  TO: [Pay=4.16] [Fast=4.71] [Comm=4.16] [Fair=4.79] [Reviews=543] [ToS=3]
                  TO2: No Reviews
                  Reward: 1.50
                  Duration: 30:00
                  Available: 50
                  Description: This is a follow-up HIT to a survey you completed 7-14 days ago
                  Qualifications: Exc: [224484-223895] DoesNotExist ; Inc: [19-223895] Exists ; Location In US


                  • librarian50
                    librarian50 commented
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                    5 minutes for me.

                  • cyvamp
                    cyvamp commented
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                    librarian50 thank you

                  • dazcat
                    dazcat commented
                    Editing a comment
                    cyvamp, sorry didn't see your question, but it was short for me as well, didn't see exact time, close to what librarian50 said or just a bit over for me.

                  Title: 5-min, $1 language experiment: Read & rate English sentences! ("Red")Accept
                  Requester: Language-Mind-Brain-Lab-NYUAD [A1KLIHS8OH4SWK] Contact
                  TV: $15.96/hr TO: n/a
                  Reward: $1.00
                  Duration: 01:00:00
                  Available: 38
                  Description: You must be a native speaker of US English to participate. You may only take this experiment once for payment.
                  Qualifications: NoRepeatsRed DoesNotExist ; Total approved HITs GreaterThanOrEqualTo 500; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThanOrEqualTo 95; Location EqualTo US


                    Title: Get paid to shoot robots and read the news!Accept
                    Requester: Vision Project [A1WDNS4TS0X8QP] Contact
                    TV: $34.87/hr TO: n/a
                    Reward: $10.00
                    Duration: 72:00:00
                    Available: 1
                    Description: Help us test our iPhone app, all you need to do is read the news and answer a short survey.
                    Qualifications: Location EqualTo US


                      Good morning! I couldn't drag myself out of bed this morning.

                      You've received a bonus from N. G. Università Bocconi VAT: IT03628350153 for work related to 3XBYQ44Z7SX1WGIOQSEQ8EBNA34TW4.
                      The value of your bonus is: $1.00 USD


                      • hanzuh
                        hanzuh commented
                        Editing a comment
                        I'm still in bed, but at least I got the laptop open and everything running! Trying to talk myself into going downstairs to get coffee and maybe wake up.