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Let it Go Day HITs Tuesday June 23, 2020

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    Title: Give Résumés a Score | PANDA
    Requester: CET FAU [AXMQN9HO3WZPF] (Req TV): $24.01/hr/hr
    (TO): [Pay: N/A] [Fair: N/A] [Comm: N/A] [Fast: N/A]
    Description: Give six résumés a score out of ten.
    Time: 2 hour(s)
    HITs Available: 1
    Reward: $6.46
    Qualifications: Total approved HITs GreaterThan 200; CET to prevent repeat workers DoesNotExist ; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThanOrEqualTo 99; Location EqualTo US;


      Title: Coronavirus Interaction Decision Making (~30 Minutes) | PANDA
      Requester: PsychLabUS [A32OFM3EHBH6O4] (Req TV): $26.39/hr/hr
      (TO): [Pay: N/A] [Fair: N/A] [Comm: N/A] [Fast: N/A]
      Description: You will answer surveys about society and experiences with the coronavirus, and provide your impressions of an interaction regarding coronavirus.
      Time: 1 hour(s)
      HITs Available: 1
      Reward: $4.00
      Qualifications: HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThan 95; Location EqualTo US;


        Qualification test for future survey. (Only one submission per worker please)485
        I have not seen this requester for a long time.


        • NoelC
          NoelC commented
          Editing a comment

        • kate
          kate commented
          Editing a comment
          NoelC attention check

        • NoelC
          NoelC commented
          Editing a comment
          Yeah, I thought it was amusing.

        #79 up


        • TurknShop
          TurknShop commented
          Editing a comment
          They have been spoiling us for the past several days. Love it!

        Title: User Test, Requires iOS or Android, 838aa1b7 | PANDA
        Requester: SoundingBox (Change Sciences Group) [A1DIWKR9NEY82N] (Req TV): $22.93/hr/hr
        (TO): [Pay: N/A] [Fair: N/A] [Comm: N/A] [Fast: N/A]
        Description: Perform a user test on a website. It's fun and your opinion matters!
        Time: 2 hour(s)
        HITs Available: 1
        Reward: $2.00
        Qualifications: Study Group Exclusion - InHouse DoesNotExist ; Total approved HITs GreaterThanOrEqualTo 1000; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThanOrEqualTo 90; Location In US;


          Title: Identify whether room in the photo is of a basement | PANDA
          Requester: Perch MTurk Requester [A1759LVR8D91KE] (Contact)
          TV: No Reviews
          TO: No Reviews
          TO2: No Reviews
          Reward: $0.01
          Duration: 1 hour
          Available: 11367
          Description: Answer accordingly to classify whether the room is a basement based on the description given.
          Requirements: Total approved HITs GreaterThan 500; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThan 97; Location EqualTo US


          • mominavan
            mominavan commented
            Editing a comment
            Not sure, but at least they are simple and it's a huge batch.

          • CrazyCatLady
            CrazyCatLady commented
            Editing a comment
            yeah I hadn't realized they're just one click - numbers time

          • smartin
            smartin commented
            Editing a comment
            Aw dang, I was mowing and they are all gone

          CrazyCatLady nice fritz & hammer batch up