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Have some hot tea Saturday...January 12, 2019

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    Have some hot tea Saturday...January 12, 2019

    It's national hot tea day. What is your favorite hot tea? Good morning all.

    Title: Qualifier survey: Answer a survey about your job | Accept
    Requester: Meara McMahon [A3BZ5FX3EOXA78] Contact
    TV: No Reviews
    TO: No Reviews
    TO2: No Reviews
    Reward: 0.05
    Duration: 5:00
    Available: 293
    Description: Give us basic information about your job
    Qualifications: Total approved HITs GreaterThanOrEqualTo 100; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThanOrEqualTo 95; Location EqualTo US


      Good morning everyone! Supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow here today. Hope everyone else that's getting bad weather stays safe!

      Did not qualify:

      Title: Choice Survey(~ 2 minutes) | PANDA
      Requester: Stanford GSB Behavioral Lab [A3OSXTUM1QEXNY] (Contact)
      TV: [Hrly: $14.50] [Pay: 3.59] [Fast: 4.60] [Comm: null] [Rej: 0] [ToS: 0] [Blk: 0]
      TO: [Pay: 3.27] [Fast: 4.12] [Comm: 3.42] [Fair: 4.38] [Reviews: 621] [ToS: 7]
      TO2: [Hrly: $0.00] [Pen: 0.12 days] [Res: ---] [Rec: 44% of 9] [Rej: 0] [ToS: 0] [Brk: 1]
      Reward: $0.25
      Duration: 10 days
      Available: 1
      Description: $0.25 for 2.5 minutes!
      Requirements: Total approved HITs GreaterThanOrEqualTo 1000; Exc: [123777-123188] DoesNotExist; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThanOrEqualTo 95; Location In US


      • smartin
        smartin commented
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        It's been snowing here since last night. I think we already have about 2" and it's still lightly snowing.

      Good morning all.


        itay lieder
        25 minutes experiment with sounds - requires headphones
        AGES 20-50



          Labeling images
          This requester also has dome different hits up for 4 cents. They are not masters


            Well, look at this. A 1 page essay for a penny!


            • Giskard
              Giskard commented
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              Thank goodness, I was starting to get a little bored.

            • kate
              kate commented
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              Haha! I wish one of the topics was 'crappy requesters'.

            Sandeep Prasada 75c 3 mins

            (Sorry no link)


              Title: Pattern Recognition, Perception & Well-being(~ 10 minutes) | Accept
              Requester: Laura A. King [A1LBWICXYG4SXB] Contact
              TV: [Hrly=$10.64] [Pay=2.93] [Fast=null] [Comm=null] [Rej=0] [ToS=0] [Blk=0]
              TO: [Pay=2.71] [Fast=4.24] [Comm=3.10] [Fair=4.25] [Reviews=142] [ToS=0]
              TO2: [Hrly=6.40] [Pen=1.51 days] [Res=null] [Rec=42%] [Rej=0] [ToS=0] [Brk=1]
              Reward: 0.50
              Duration: 15:00
              Available: 1
              Description: This HiT involves reading a brief passage, rating it on a number of dimensions, and completing a questionnaire. If you do not wish to read, please do not take this HiT. We expect the survey to last 10 minutes. We will restrict the maximum about of allotted time to ensure you complete the HiT in one sitting. You will have ample time to finish the HiT without rushing, but please make sure you do not take any breaks throughout the duration.
              Qualifications: Exc: [-737037515-122799] DoesNotExist ; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThanOrEqualTo 90; Location In US


                If you did the first one---look in e-mail. There is a $2 bonus available.

                Greetings from Amazon Mechanical Turk,

                You've received a bonus from Robin Murphy for work related to 33Q5P9PUSQ7JRB99S4TIKQ4TON7CZM.
                The value of your bonus is: $0.01 USD

                The Requester included this note:

                You recently completed our survey on genital-specific body perceptions. In order to test the validity of our questionnaires, we are asking a subset of participants to re-complete the survey. We would be very grateful if you would do this.

                This is the link to the survey:

                Please enter your MTurk ID as your participant ID. This survey will not give you a survey code at the end. If prompted, please enter 'no survey code'. We will manually approve your HIT. Once you have completed the survey, we will bonus you a further $2.


                  Good morning Turkinators! A little snow tonight and freezing rain tomorrow.


                  • Turking2Long
                    Turking2Long commented
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                    Nice pile of bacon

                  Title: Computer Code Evaluation - ONLY COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS CAN PARTICIPATE(~ 60 minutes) | Accept
                  Requester: Chris Calhoun [A3TFWFSELA2MI2] Contact
                  TV: [Hrly=$34.81] [Pay=5.00] [Fast=5.00] [Comm=null] [Rej=0] [ToS=0] [Blk=0]
                  TO: [Pay=4.09] [Fast=4.10] [Comm=3.17] [Fair=3.82] [Reviews=27] [ToS=0]
                  TO2: [Hrly=null] [Pen=null] [Res=null] [Rec=null] [Rej=0] [ToS=0] [Brk=0]
                  Reward: 10.00
                  Duration: 2:00:00
                  Available: 1
                  Description: A survey and then review/comment on 6 pieces of Java Computer Code ~ 60 minutes
                  Qualifications: Exc: [1800885806-122190] DoesNotExist ; Location In US


                    Title: Rate Emotions of Faces - DimCaring2 | Accept
                    Requester: Affective Cog Neuro Lab 03 [A2P191MUP3WMOU] Contact
                    TV: [Hrly=$10.01] [Pay=3.20] [Fast=null] [Comm=null] [Rej=0] [ToS=0] [Blk=0]
                    TO: [Pay=2.43] [Fast=4.33] [Comm=3.67] [Fair=4.20] [Reviews=31] [ToS=0]
                    TO2: [Hrly=4.41] [Pen=0.92 days] [Res=null] [Rec=0%] [Rej=0] [ToS=0] [Brk=0]
                    Reward: 5.00
                    Duration: 4:00:00
                    Available: 1
                    Description: Complete ratings of faces as well as a few surveys.
                    Qualifications: Total approved HITs GreaterThan 1000; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThan 95; Location EqualTo US


                      kate. I was reading yesterday about your problem with the property insurance company and your tree. I rank insurance companies with used car salesmen at bottom of ladder in sleaziness. Down here, they don't want to pay for anything. The insurance contracts are 1 million pages long, full of gobbledygook and exclusions. We do have a pretty good system of public adjusters who can take on the case and often get you the money you deserve. Do you have such a thing where you live?


                      • Turking2Long
                        Turking2Long commented
                        Editing a comment
                        kate you really need to appeal this. I have never heard of a tree falling and damage not being covered because of the direction it fell? If you have coverage it should be covered regardless of the direction it fell. Sounds like they are just trying to blow you off hoping you won't appeal it. You paid for the coverage so appeal it and make them pay for the damage!

                      • kate
                        kate commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Yep, I'm going to talk to them again on Monday, Turking2Long - it doesn't make a whole lot of sense!

                      • Turking2Long
                        Turking2Long commented
                        Editing a comment
                        kate if your property is covered and the tree grows on your property then any damage done by that tree is covered. When I went through this over a decade ago I appealled and they paid AND I got 5k for the 100 foot tree. The damage is not only covered but so is the loss of the tree itself. Hold them accountable and make them pay!

                      Title: Type short passages under various conditions | PANDA
                      Requester: Morgan Fleming [AEJX3I5SIVTQX] (Req TV): N/A
                      (TO): [Pay: N/A] [Fair: N/A] [Comm: N/A] [Fast: N/A]
                      Description: Type short passages while using different tools. We're interested in your performance under various conditions.
                      Time: 1 hour(s)
                      HITs Available: 2
                      Reward: $3.00
                      Qualifications: Masters Exists ; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThan 50; Already Participated DoesNotExist ; Location EqualTo US;