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It's Fat Tuesday 47 days before Easter...March 5, 2019

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    It's Fat Tuesday 47 days before Easter...March 5, 2019

    Good morning everybody

    Psychological Survey - How do we see ourselves and others?


      Title: Exercise motivation | PANDA
      Requester: ligia duro [A26GOGPAH4YVL9] (Contact)
      TV: [Hrly: 27.78] [Pay: 4.76] [Fast: 5.00] [Comm: null] [Rej: 0] [ToS: 0] [Blk: 0]
      TO: [Pay: 5.00] [Fast: 5.00] [Comm: 5.00] [Fair: 5.00] [Reviews: 2] [ToS: 0]
      TO2: [Hrly: 7.50] [Pen: 0.25 days] [Res: 100% of 1] [Rec: ---] [Rej: 0] [ToS: 0] [Brk: 0]
      Reward: 1.00
      Duration: 15 days
      Available: 1
      Description: Around 38 closed-ended questions and it will take about 10 minutes to finish. However, first, you need to answer two simple closed-ended questions to see if you qualify to take this test and you will not be paid for answering these questions.
      Qualifications: Total approved HITs GreaterThan 100; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThanOrEqualTo 99; Location EqualTo US


        so this happened

        ​​​​​​Greetings from Amazon Mechanical Turk,

        Congratulations! You have earned the Masters Qualification. This is a great achievement and reflects your demonstrated excellence in completing Mechanical Turk HITs.

        Masters is a special Qualification given to an elite group of Workers who have demonstrated superior performance while completing HITs across the marketplace. Masters must maintain this high level of performance or risk losing this distinction.

        Mechanical Turk Masters enjoy these special benefits:

        • You will have exclusive access to HITs that require the Masters Qualification.
        • You no longer will need to complete CAPTCHAs on the HITs you complete.

        Congratulations on earning the Masters Qualification!


        • CrazyCatLady
          CrazyCatLady commented
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          Yaaaaay! Congratulations!!!

        • witch1
          witch1 commented
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          Congratulations! I am so happy for you! And jelly....lots of envy!

        • HeimdalDagsson
          HeimdalDagsson commented
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          Woo, that's awesome! Congrats!

        cyvamp That's wonderful for you. I hope more people in our group get Masters today.


        • cyvamp
          cyvamp commented
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          Me too, I saw the email last night and the 1st thing I did was check for others. I am most excited not to have captchas

        Title: Short survey (about 6 minutes. ~$20/hour) with a decision-making scenario(~ 6 minutes) | Accept
        Requester: BTSol [A37KVIQTPGPD3R] Contact
        TO: [Pay=4.82] [Fast=5.00] [Comm=0.00] [Fair=5.00] [Reviews=13] [ToS=0]
        TO2: [Hrly=11.51] [Pen=2.38] [Res=null] [Rec=100] [Rej=0] [ToS=0] [Brk=0]
        Reward: 2.00
        Duration: 45:00
        Available: 80
        Description: Short survey (6 minutes. Estimated $20 per hour pay rate). Participate in a decision-making scenario, share your opinions, and basic demographics
        Qualifications: Exc: [1146244136-132405] DoesNotExist ; Location In US


          Qual Test

          Title: Judge the quality of video descriptions - 2019-03-05T11:33:20Z | Accept
          Requester: Kazuhiro Ota [A120NXQVV0IBNN] Contact
          TV: [Hrly=$null] [Pay=Unrated] [Approval=Unrated] [Comm=Unrated] [Rej=0] [Blk=0]
          TO: [Pay=3.00] [Fast=4.00] [Comm=0.00] [Fair=5.00] [Reviews=2] [ToS=0]
          TO2: No Reviews
          Reward: 0.05
          Duration: 30:00
          Available: 1588
          Description: Review two video clips and an associated video description and judge the quality of the description.
          Qualifications: QT Passed Workers GreaterThanOrEqualTo 100; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThanOrEqualTo 80; Adult Content Qualification EqualTo 1


          • Curbie
            Curbie commented
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            I don't know what's wrong with me, but I can't pass the qual test. I've tried like 5 times.

          Good morning everyone!

          cyvamp Congratuations!!

          About 4:30 min for me:

          Title: Bedtime Habits Survey (Not all respondents will qualify) | PANDA
          Requester: Angela Listy [A1M2H0HAEXONBY] (Contact)
          TV: [Hrly: $9.24] [Pay: 3.01] [Fast: 4.05] [Comm: null] [Rej: 0] [ToS: 0] [Blk: 0]
          TO: [Pay: 2.91] [Fast: 4.22] [Comm: 3.19] [Fair: 3.91] [Reviews: 334] [ToS: 5]
          TO2: [Hrly: $4.542] [Pen: 0.35 days] [Res: ---] [Rec: 31% of 13] [Rej: 0] [ToS: 0] [Brk: 1]
          Reward: $0.35
          Duration: 1 hour
          Available: 1
          Description: Answer a survey about your bedtime habits
          Requirements: HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThanOrEqualTo 98; Location EqualTo US


            Good morning!

            cyvamp That's great! Congrats!


              Shi Jia

              8 minute Academic Study $0.80 **Laptop/Desktop Only**
              You may need to remove ID from URL to get into study--worked for me.


                Good morning and happy Tuesday!
                Names have been drawn for the Our Hit Stop Gift Exchange. Don't forget to send a gift by December 21!.


                  Title: Website Evaluation | Accept
                  Requester: Project Endor (Zoltar) [A2ZRMA7YDNF5RJ] Contact
                  TO: [Pay=3.37] [Fast=4.59] [Comm=2.22] [Fair=4.58] [Reviews=50] [ToS=0]
                  TO2: [Hrly=3.00] [Pen=1.00] [Res=null] [Rec=null] [Rej=0] [ToS=0] [Brk=0]
                  Reward: 0.10
                  Duration: 1:00:00
                  Available: 3
                  Description: -
                  Qualifications: Total approved HITs GreaterThanOrEqualTo 1; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThanOrEqualTo 90; Location EqualTo US


                    Title: Earn handsome money by controlling a robot | PANDA
                    Requester: TahirAbbas [A1PQ26VQWZGNTR] (Req TV): $29.67/hr/hr
                    (TO): [Pay: N/A] [Fair: N/A] [Comm: N/A] [Fast: N/A]
                    Description: In this task you need to act as a tele-operator of a humanoid robot and control its speech.
                    The context of the conversation is simple, you are asked to chat with a university student who is experiencing a stress due to study burden and not being able to keep work-life balance.
                    Your task is to empathize with the student through conversing and try to find out as much as possible about the student’s context and why the student is stressed by asking open questions. Only after having a good understanding of the context and only when you have asked several open questions think about politely suggesting the student ways to get out of this stressful situation.

                    Time: 10 minutes(s)
                    HITs Available: 1
                    Reward: $1.00
                    Qualifications: Total approved HITs GreaterThanOrEqualTo 5000; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThanOrEqualTo 98; Location EqualTo US;


                      Good Morning, I hope you all slept well last night and are ready to work.


                        Good morning everyone! Its sooooooo cold this morning! Expecting bad weather the coming weekend.
                        Positive as f*&%! Be happy and everything else is a breeze!