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On this day - January 9, 2020

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    On this day - January 9, 2020

    Good Morning!

    1920 The Human Fly ( George Polley ) attempts to climb to the top of the Woolworth Building in New York City ( 57 Floors ). He reaches the 30th floor before being arrested
    1956 Abigail Van Buren's [Pauline Phillips] "Dear Abby" advice column 1st appears in newspapers
    1969 First trial flight of Concorde supersonic jetliner, Bristol, England
    1991 Baseball officially bans Pete Rose from being elected to Hall of Fame for betting on baseball
    2002 Michael Jackson receives the Artist of the Century award at the American music awards

    Title: Grade reasoning in written reports - Part 2 | Accept
    Requester: APL CREATE [AXPHCCGXB9HS3] Contact
    TV: No Reviews
    TO: No Reviews
    TO2: No Reviews
    Reward: 30.00
    Duration: 2 days
    Available: 1
    Description: Grading reasoning in written reports. This HIT involves reviewing some background information from Part 1 and reading a small set of written reports to evaluate which reports have the best reasoning.
    Qualifications: Qualified for Rating Task 3 Exists ; Total approved HITs GreaterThanOrEqualTo 500


    • WhoCouldItBe
      WhoCouldItBe commented
      Editing a comment
      Nice job getting a part 2. I did not, so I'm guessing I wasn't one of the top ones of the first round, lol. Tedious but still decent pay. Hope this one is better for you!

    • JMo9597
      JMo9597 commented
      Editing a comment
      I got an email regarding part 2, but couldn't catch it. OTTO actually caught it Tuesday. There's a 48 hour window, which helps. I couldn't do it just sitting in one shot that's for sure.

    Title: Upload 20-minute screencast of a website | Accept
    Requester: UserBob [A1G1PATDFBA7E5] Contact
    TV: [Hrly=$15.31] [Pay=Good] [Approval=~24 hrs] [Comm=Excellent] [Rej=0] [Blk=0]
    TO: [Pay=4.70] [Fast=4.99] [Comm=4.93] [Fair=5.00] [Reviews=87] [ToS=0]
    TO2: [Hrly=22.09] [Pen=0.45] [Res=1.00] [Rec=100] [Rej=0] [ToS=0] [Brk=0]
    Reward: 9.40
    Duration: 2:10:00
    Available: 1
    Description: Record your computer's screen and your voice while you spend 20 minutes talking about your first visit to a website. Then upload the recording.
    Qualifications: Reviewer GreaterThanOrEqualTo 4; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThanOrEqualTo 99; demographic12201 EqualTo 1


    • Ozmosys
      Ozmosys commented
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      I gotta get my hits up to do these. Sounds like fun

    • CrazyCatLady
      CrazyCatLady commented
      Editing a comment
      Ozmosys - you should take the UserBob test when you can! If you can be succinct, they're good work (I tend to talk too much, lol)

    You've received a bonus from Michael Thaler for work related to 3WJGKMRWVI9RH572GJQAJVZC6ZFDCF.
    The value of your bonus is: $1.00 USD

    The Requester included this note:
    Thank you for your careful work on our HIT.


      Title: Behavioral Health Study (~90 minutes)(~ 90 minutes) | Accept
      Requester: Forbush Lab [A2MPH2Q0H831KQ] Contact
      TV: [Hrly=$9.14] [Pay=Fair] [Approval=~24 hrs] [Comm=Unrated] [Rej=0] [Blk=0]
      TO: [Pay=3.50] [Fast=5.00] [Comm=0.00] [Fair=5.00] [Reviews=5] [ToS=0]
      TO2: No Reviews
      Reward: 8.00
      Duration: 1 day
      Available: 42
      Description: We are conducting a study to better understand behavioral health and eating behaviors.
      Qualifications: Exc: [185551-184962] DoesNotExist ; Total approved HITs GreaterThanOrEqualTo 1000; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThanOrEqualTo 95; Inc: [151301-184962] Exists ; Location In US


        Good morning everyone!

        Didn't see time, a bit under 10 min. I think. No code at end, so put mturk id and messasged.

        Title: Answer a survey about your experiences using health insurance | Accept
        Requester: Miranda Yaver [A3MADMM5XCRCQ9] Contact
        TV: [Hrly=$13.15] [Pay=Good] [Approval=Unrated] [Comm=Unrated] [Rej=0] [Blk=0]
        TO: [Pay=5.00] [Fast=0.00] [Comm=0.00] [Fair=0.00] [Reviews=1] [ToS=0]
        TO2: No Reviews
        Reward: 1.25
        Duration: 45:00
        Available: 1
        Description: This survey will ask you about your experience with health coverage and whether you have been denied coverage for your medical care
        Qualifications: Masters Exists


          If you like writing, these are good. I usually avoid most HITs with writing, but for whatever reason I enjoy these and get them done super fast. I did one yesterday and another just now. Guess you can do more than 1? It didn't give me any quals saying I couldn't. Finished in about 5 minutes.

          Edit: Okay, maybe one a day. It only lets me do one today and one yesterday. Regardless of that, fast and quick.
          Title: Write a diary entry given a short summary | PANDA
          Requester: MSRRedmond Labs [A1X1IORYLDFA50] (Req TV): $21.08/hr/hr
          (TO): [Pay: N/A] [Fair: N/A] [Comm: N/A] [Fast: N/A]
          Description: Given a summary of an event, write a story or diary entry about it pretending like it happened to you
          Time: 2 hour(s)
          HITs Available: 3
          Reward: $2.92
          Qualifications: [t-masap] Event Recall Completed DoesNotExist ; [t-masap] Story Writing Completed DoesNotExist ; Location In CAUS;
          Last edited by WhoCouldItBe; 01-09-2020, 07:18 AM.


            Happy Thursday! I have had a headache almost nonstop since Sunday. Even Excedrin isn't helping. It's making it difficult to look at my computer for too long at one time. I think someone made a voodoo doll of me and just keeps poking a needle into the head.
            Names have been drawn for the Our Hit Stop Gift Exchange. Don't forget to send a gift by December 21!.


            • Sweetheart
              Sweetheart commented
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              I hope you start to feel better soon.

            • CrazyCatLady
              CrazyCatLady commented
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              feel better ZeldaFoot! The last time I had one of those, heating pads were the only thing that could alleviate the pain at all

            • smartin
              smartin commented
              Editing a comment
              Nagging headaches are the worst. I found depending on the type of headache a lot of times it will relieve the pain a bit if I put an ice pack on the back of my neck for 5-10 mins. Helps relieve my migraines the most. I'm assuming it's weather related though too. I know my body doesn't know what to do we've been on a weather roller coaster this winter. There should be snow on the ground and we have only had a few cold days. Right now it's 50 and breezy. Should be in the 20's right now.

            these were .40 each last week...someone lost their mind if they think .03 is remotely enough

            Title: Bounding boxes: Dear annotator! Please help us mask the handwritten words and signatures | PANDA
            Requester: MLDataLabeler [A1LWCCSJWAGBW] (Req TV): $13.60/hr/hr
            (TO): [Pay: N/A] [Fair: N/A] [Comm: N/A] [Fast: N/A]
            Description: Draw bounding boxes around specified objects in your images
            Time: 1 hour(s)
            HITs Available: 276
            Reward: $0.03
            Qualifications: BoundingBoxTestScore GreaterThanOrEqualTo 84Take Test; BoundingBoxSeparateQualHIT GreaterThanOrEqualTo 90; WorkersBlockedDueToPoorWorkQuality DoesNotExist ;


            • Bear
              Bear commented
              Editing a comment
              yeah that's not going to happen

            Good morning, kids! I hope everyone has a fantastic day whether you make money or not.
            Positive as f*&%! Be happy and everything else is a breeze!


              GM OHS !


                This is going to be a great day, my Husband is at the airport in Texas to come home, and he feels good about his test this time. Fingers crossed he passed. We should know today!!


                • Kizzy
                  Kizzy commented
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                  Yep crossing both fingers and toes. Sending positive thoughts too

                • dazcat
                  dazcat commented
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                  Finger and toes crossed for him, and even my kitties' paws are crossed

                • witch1
                  witch1 commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Crossing everything! I'm sure he will kill it though!

                Title: Evaluate quality of image description. It should contain text from the image. | PANDA
                Requester: Text Vision Turk [A19ZZCVW0X6893] (Req TV): $12.12/hr/hr
                (TO): [Pay: N/A] [Fair: N/A] [Comm: N/A] [Fast: N/A]
                Description: In this task, you will be shown an image which contains text and corresponding description. You will then need to ensure that the description satisfies a number of basic requirements. (ID: textcap_1578525569)
                Time: 10 minutes(s)
                HITs Available: 4
                Reward: $0.30
                Qualifications: Total approved HITs GreaterThan 10000; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThan 98; Location In AUCAGBNZ; softban_text_vision_answering DoesNotExist ;
                Positive as f*&%! Be happy and everything else is a breeze!



                  Please join me in welcoming our newest member Mglaspie33 to the forums.


                  Title: Write a conversation. 5 minutes. $1.00 | PANDA
                  Requester: DialogMan [A1MFQCRJ26PG1D] (Req TV): $15.96/hr/hr
                  (TO): [Pay: N/A] [Fair: N/A] [Comm: N/A] [Fast: N/A]
                  Description: .
                  Time: 3 hour(s)
                  HITs Available: 1
                  Reward: $1.00
                  Qualifications: g19tzusdpt7b4of Exists ; Location EqualTo US;
                  Positive as f*&%! Be happy and everything else is a breeze!