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    Allegations by Russia

    The Russian ambassador to UN, Vasily Nebenzya, has been presenting the Kremlin’s allegations that Ukraine and the US had a plot to spread biological weapons with migratory birds, bats and insects.

    Nebenzya issued a chilling warning to Eastern Europe that biological agents:

    We call upon you to think about a very real biological danger to the people in European countries, which can result from an uncontrolled spread of bio agents from Ukraine. And if there is a such a scenario then all Europe will be covered.

    The risk of this is very real given the interests of the radical nationalist groups in Ukraine are showing towards the work with dangerous pathogens conducted together with the ministry of defence of the United States.

    After Nebenzya spoke, Albania, the US and France have voiced alarm that the allegations may be an advance cover story for Russian plans to unleash chemical or biological weapons.

    US ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield said:

    The intent behind these lies seem clear and it is deeply troubling. We believe Russia could use chemical or biological agents for assassinations as part of a false flag incident or to support tactical military operations.

    Honestly, I would laugh if it wasn't Russia. I agree that's pretty worrying.


      I watched Biden's press conference earlier today and he said if Russia used chemical weapons there would be "severe" consequences. But he had just banned imports of Russian Vodka and caviar....I'm not sure how it can get more severe than that.


        Yes, I heard that too that Ukraine had bio-weapons and Putin begged Ukraine for 8 years to cease but Ukraine ignored Russia. The Lamestream news is not going to tell us the truth about human trafficking in Ukraine.
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